The Woburn Chronicles

A Trio of Supernatural Tales Set in New England`s Most Mysterious City


The Woburn Chronicles

by I. E. Kneverday

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Shape-shifting leprechauns (1919). Mad scientist-sorcerers (1979). Haunted pine groves (2009). In Woburn, they’ve all been chronicled. Read the first 3 stories of The Woburn Chronicles

“The stories are a perfect balance of history/culture, deep characters and spooky developments … A terrific read that you can finish off in an hour or two.” -David (customer review)


Neon Druid

edited by I. E. Kneverday

A collection of fantastical tales set in cities of the past, present, and future, where the mischievous gods, goddesses, and monsters of Celtic mythology intermingle with unsuspecting mortals. (Open for submissions – Coming soon.)


Brujo Rising

by Dr. Albie Dark

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An encounter with a mysterious woman leads a California-based journalist on a border-traversing adventure in this political/supernatural thriller. (Coming soon.)

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