About Mt. Misery Press

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“The Griffins occupied the first floor of a two-family American Foursquare, which sat atop a moat-like embankment on the western face of Mount Misery, that steeply sloping hillside so named by the workers who, in winter, were tasked with hauling blocks of ice, freshly cut from Horn Pond, up to the iceboxes of the residents who teetered there.” –The Woburn Chronicles

Mt. Misery Press is an independent publisher of fiction. Our East Coast headquarters are located in Woburn, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. Our West Coast headquarters are located in San Jose, California. We are dedicated to producing high-quality, outlandish fiction in digital, print, and audio formats.

Mt. Misery Press is owned and operated by sci-fi, fantasy, and horror writer I. E. Kneverday.

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