Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy

Cross over into a world where the mischievous gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroes of Celtic mythology live among us, intermingling with unsuspecting mortals and stirring up mayhem in cities and towns on both sides of the Atlantic, from Limerick and Edinburgh to Montreal and Boston.


Story List

Dreams of Gold  •  Madison McSweeney  (2,400 words)

The Faoladh  •  Patrick Winters  (3,200 words)

The Flat Above the Wynd  •  Alexandra Brandt  (6,700 words)

Mari Lwyd  •  Jennifer Lee Rossman  (2,000 words)

Under Construction    Matthew Stevens  (4,000 words)

Jace and the Daoine Shi  •  Tom Howard  (2,500 words)

The Burning of the Blueberries    Hailey Piper  (6,300 words)

Banshee    Serena Jayne  (100 words)

Fragarach  •  R. J. Howell  (7,600  words)

The Lady of the Lake  •  P. J. Richards  (1,600 words)

Faith, Begorrah, and Oy Gevalte!  •  Art Lasky  (650 words)

Cave Canem    Ed Ahern  (3,100 words)

The Ache of Water    E.K. Reisinger  (980 words)

Glandomirum    Jarret Keene  (2,500 words)

Salted Earth  • Willow Croft  (1,900 words)

Lady of the Crows    Laila Amado  (400 words)

Druids of Montreal  •  I. E. Kneverday  (7,800 words)

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